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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

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It is easier to use an existing company, but new companies can be created if the user desires. Please check with your instructor for approval. Existing companies can be researched using the internet resources provided.

Yes. Click REQUEST A DEMO menu from home page. Please fill REQUEST A DEMO form. We will send the demo details to your mail as soon as we receive your DEMO request.

A 20 day grace period follows all purchase code expiration. After the grace period, however, the project will be closed and users will no longer have access using the same purchase code.

Manuals and case examples can be found in the left menu bar under "Support Materials".

The GMPSO is all encompassing. It is designed to handle domestic and international companies, regardless of the country of origin or headquarter location. These may include manufacturing firms, service firms, wholesale/retail establishments, and non-profit organisation. Select and research countries where the company has no presence at the present time.